From the Dark Recesses of the Unknown …

color black Once you go black, you’ll never go back.

Yes, indeed. It is like an infectious disease that once you touch it, it becomes a part of your system immediately. Some say the fondness to the absence of

light connotes to negative traits such as wickedness, gloominess, pessimism, hostility, disgrace, dishonor, hopelessness, and other qualities expressing the lack of positivity or beauty. Well, I beg your pardon, my friend. The color black is not something to be always used for the sake of sinister intentions. It IS for the sole beauty of it. It has been stigmatized through the years because of the impositions of culture, such that black consitutes the dark side. And it is being feared for you don’t know what is hidden beneath the cloak.

Little that many would know, black symbolizes serenity, significant to passion. The coolness factor exceeds the expectations of our eyes, and transcends the subconscious self. When you talk about being black, you would also tackle on the superiority of the skin color in various fields. In the olden days, people of black race were being regarded as a sub-par culture, enslaved, subjugated, literally castrated by society. That bitter period become their moving force to excel today. They are a force to reckon with.

It is in this light (or shall I say, darkness?) that drove me to make a site about anything and everything about things being black. Why so? I am no goth-inspired introvert anti-social wearing thick eyeliners or thick trench coats, I am just a normal, everyday girl who loves and appreciates the color black. From clothes to accesories, appliances, gadgetry to cars, or even interior designing.

Now, that’s a lot of black stuffs to deal with! ‘Til the next posts, y’all. Tah-Tah!


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