Batman’s Black Batmobile

the batmobile

I watched Batman cartoons when I was a kid. There was something in the character I found appealing: a superhero with no special powers. To fight crime Batman has to use specialized equipment and what could be more kick ass than Batman’s Batmobile? Indeed, watching the Batmobile leap out of the Bat Cave and zoom past traffic was one of the joys of watching Batman. The sleek and deliciously black ride was the perfect complement for the Dark Knight, with enough gadgets under the hood to make even Agent 007 miserable.

Did you know that in the comic books, the Batmobile was originally painted red, for crying out loud?! Maybe DC Comics was thinking along the lines of a vampire bat hero or something. Anyway, this was in the 40’s so I guess DC comics can be forgiven. I don’t like the design of the latest Batmobile aka The Tumbler from Batman Begins though: it lacks the futuristic goth appeal of earlier models. Christopher Nolan wanted the movie to be realistic so the Batmobile was made to look look like a blown up copy of a toy tank. But at least they still painted it black. 


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