The Addams Family


“Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc” (“We gladly feast on those who would subdue us”)

This is the motto of the family that will always be remembered as the darkest of all families in television history.

The Addams Family was created by Charles Addams and instantly became famous during the 1930’s for its morbid sense of humor. It was originally a newspaper cartoon which was turned into a hit TV series due to increasing popularity. 

The Addams Family is an eccentric wealthy family. They are literally the opposite version of a typical and normal human family. They live at 0001 Cemetery Ridge, in a 19th Century mansion near a cemetery and a swamp.

The Addamses are a family of witches, vampires, freaks and other social outcasts who take pride in anything macabre and grotesque. They find strange things and practically any thing that has to do with death and horror so delightful.

Moving on with the family members….Gomez, the father is a lawyer but rarely practices his profession and strangely loves it when he loses a case. He is fond of smoking cigars and destroying his toy train collections. Of course, as an Addams, he has the macabre sense of humor. However, strange as he may seem, he donates huge amount of money for worthy causes mainly because wealth is of no matter to him.

Morticia is Gomez’s wife. She is the elegant woman with the long black hair and a long dark gown. She is fond of art, raising man-eating plants  and adoring the thorns of her roses. 

Morticia and Gomez remain passionate to each other always, ocassionaly kissing each other and declaring love for one another especially when Morticia starts to speak French.

Pugsley and Wednesday are the Addams children. Wednesday is a pathetic little girl who finds great joy in torturing her brother and her doll, Marrie Antoinette. Pugsley on the other hand loves to makes inventions (which always end up in disaster) and to be her sister’s victim of unimaginable torture.  And as expected, being an Addams means being immortal or at least semi-immortal.

Uncle Fester is Gomez’s uncle who has a round body, dark spots around the eyes and a devilish green. He seems to be exploding all the time. Grandmama, on the other hand is a woman with white hair and has some talents in spells, hexes and potions. In short, she’s a witch. (Uncle Fester and Grandmama have confusing relations with the family although it really depends on what movie or TV episode of the Addams Family you are watching.)

The rest of the family include the Thing, Cousin Itt and Lurch.

The Addams family sure is a strange family, in a dark kind of way.


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