Black Fashion

Black underwear. You will never wear it unless you want somebody else to see it. It has always mystified me why stupid men drool over black panties and black thongs. Maybe because black is the color of sin. And lust is one of the seven deadly sins. I like wearing black underwear. It’s sexy and it makes me feel sexy. It matches my shirt and nails too. Well at least, most of the time… And it also suits my attitude, which they say is full of mystery and inner fire. They said it, not me.

Black is the best color there is. It never becomes out of style in fashion. You can pair it with anything and won’t look ridiculous. Clowns never wear black as they’re colorful, bubbly and stupid. Their mortal enemies, the mimes, wear black and white. I find them classy and mysterious. I’d like to see a catfight between clowns and mimes. That would be awesome.

Black rocks.


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