The Most Sumptious Cake on the Planet

Dessert, anyone? So far, all I’ve talked about in this blog that is on f-o-o-d and sweets are dark chocolates. Well, let me rave now about another type of sweets that truly delights my taste buds: the Blackforrest Cake. Among the more famous flavors of cake today, the Blackforrest Cake is made up of dark chocolate flavoring, lotsa cream, fruit and nut bits (in most cases), chocolate shavings and cherries on top.

Today, the blackforrest flavor doesn’t just apply to cakes – it applies to all sorts of sweets as well like candies and ice cream. And that’s another thing I just can never resist – blackforrest ice cream. So what do I do when I’m on a diet and a suitor comes to the house with a big, shiny box or blackforrest cake or gleaming tube of blackforrest ice cream?

Option #1: Slam the door on his face.

 Option #2: Grab those beautiful black goodies and give in to super sweet temptation.

Oh well. I can always resume diet the next day.


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