The ROUSH Stage 3 BlackJack Mustang

ROUSH Stage 3 BlackJack Mustang

From the first time that Jack Roush had revealed its personalized Black Mustang on the NASCAR, people just couldn’t get their eyes off of it. Well, maybe because the car is running on a ROUSH charged TM V-8 engine but one could not be quite sure for this vehicle has got tons of interesting things to offer. BlackJack didn’t expect that Ford would send it to production but Ford did.

Roush was really proud of his very own upgrade. He personally redesigned the ROUSH Stage 3 BlackJack Mustang which is now being sold in an auction at the Barrett-Jackson and was considered as the extremely collectible unique car. Of course, a gorgeous car like this one needs to be expensive.

Because people embraced the newly redesigned car, Ford decided to produce 100 units of the Black Roush Mustang Edition and this is now being sold at the selected Roush dealership showrooms. The fully loaded 430 horsepower tone-on-tone limited edition ROUSH Stage 3 BlackJack Mustang gets a 400 lb.-ft. torque from its powertrain parts and a Roots-style M90 supercharger, 38 lb.-hr. fuel injectors, ROUSH-designed intake manifold, intercooler assembly with radiator and a custom ROUSH ECM calibration to maximize optimal fuel and spark.

The car is of course painted in black with 21 inch stripes across the center of the vehicle. Other Ford parts include engineered high performance versions including the radiator. Also, the oil and strut tower caps and billet aluminum accessories and a minimal Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) are also upgraded versions for more comfortable driving and a better performance from the vehicle.

The car won’t go on production without the BlackJack logo and badges found on the auto body parts of the car.


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