Turn On The Black Magic

black magic

If you do turn on your TV set, you would be given movies that would show off black magic. Remember the movie ‘The Craft’? That one sure did show you what black magic can be quite capable of.

Interestingly, black magic is also known as dark magic. And by the name itself, you would know that it sure is not something good. Sure enough, if you do use black magic, you may be calling on malevolent powers which can do more harm than good.

At present, you would notice that people are professing that they are using white magic instead of black. This is because they do say that black magic is taboo and it can be really harmful. Documents also do say that when black magic is used, it is more often so as to bring about injury, destruction, or be the cause of lost lives. It is also mostly used for personal gain.

So now. Would you be using your black magic? Well, maybe not for harm. Just perhaps so that you would be having those new headlights without you having to shell out cash. But I don’t know. Maybe you’d better use white.


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