The Rise of the Avenger (And When It Rolls Into Dealerships)

2008 Dodge Avenger

Oh yes, another spectacular and prolific year for Dodge and company. This year, they unveiled the new Dodge’s new mid-size Sedan – the 2008 Avenger. And yes. Because we love black, I do know that you are going to love this new vehicle (just like I do).

With more lean and strong pure muscles, this gorgeous vehicle swoops upon US dealerships this month. Genetically acquired the characteristics of its brother, the Dodge Charger, the Dodge Avenger 2008 boasts of its well defined rear shoulders, huge wheels and tires. It also comes with a sleeker spoiler.

Talk about strength and power, this Avenger will surely pound and punish the “bad ones”, leaving nothing except a pile of dirt and dust on its nemesis on the road. Like an unstoppable train boosting all its power, generating all straight from its powertrain parts, this new Dodge Avenger will go for miles for it is has genuine fuel-efficient power train options. See, I heard that the vehicle can make 30 EPA on the highway and that sure is a dream coming true for car drivers.

In addition to its superb fuel-efficient character, it also offered with a flex fuel engine option. With a base price of $18,895, the vehicle can be easily owned and the price sure is not as heavy as the car defines it to be. Anyone could ride on to this beauty and cruise the highway with their heads up high.

The 2008 Dodge Avenger will zoom and rule the toughest streets around soon. Watch out for the 2008 Avenger as you stand across the street, or you could possibly seat behind its wheel and dominate the road!


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