The New Black Dodge Challenger

black Dodge Challenger

If you are a keen observer, normally, auto makers don’t reveal their car models painted in black. We usually see these car models painted in either one or two lighter shades but never in black. Normally, we see the exterior parts are in other colors other than black.

Do they fear black? According to some sources, car makers don’t reveal their car models on black because some details are not clear when viewed on the photos. Photographers also find it hard to capture a perfect shot and in some automakers simply don’t like black at all.

But mind you, Dodge is truly going to be a deviant when they reveal the Challenger in a matte-finish black. The new Dodge Challenger is now going to be more menacing, meaner and tough with its new black exterior. The car was only a concept but Chrysler promised to reveal a production version of the Dodge Challenger on next year’s Chicago Auto Show and the vehicle will show itself in showrooms this coming 2008.

Details about the new performance parts that the vehicle will hold have not been released yet.

The new version was tuned by Mopar as a concept car for the next year’s Detroit Auto Show. With the new black matte-finished, don’t you think Black isn’t gorgeous?


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