The Danger of Black Ice in Westmoreland County

The black ice in Westmoreland County was the thing blamed on an accident that happened to one motorist yesterday. But previous to the reported incident, there has been twelve more minor problems noted on the roadway that appeared wet when spotted with icy patches.

Emergency operators have reported that centers in Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Lawrence and the Venango counties and beyond have been lighted at 911 at six to eight a.m. because of the accident. The lane on the northbound at least one bridge on Interstate 279 near Camp Horne Road was closed temporarily because of the slick appearance. But the Route 51 in Aliquippa was permanently closed for the whole duration.

“We ran nonstop from about 6 to 7:30 or quarter to 8. Thank goodness the sun came out. That was our saving grace,” the Butler County emergency center operator Debbie Iman added yesterday.

The county coroner’s office reported that a Westmoreland County man died after he crashed into the wreckage of an earlier Allegheny Township accident on Melwood Road. It was actually the icy road that causes the accidents to happen, said Dennis Johns who is the Westmoreland County Deputy Coroner.

The 39 year old Walter A. Angelovich Jr of Arnold was unable to notice the wreckage of an accident that had occurred a moment before between two other vehicles while he was driving. He stuck on one of the car of the other wrecked vehicles head-on. Angelovich died at the scene at around 9:01 a.m. as reported by Johns.

Sad news, isn’t it? Anyway I guess you need to have safe car parts especially those rims and wheels that you use for your vehicle.


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