The X-Men and the Black Bird

If anyone here is an X-Men fanatic, we’ll get along for sure! Right from the start, when I first learned how to read and write, I’ve been reading marvel comic books chapter by chapter, and since then, I was an avid mutant-blooded X-men worshipper.

It’s not that I am being childish but X-Men has been a big part of my childhood years and it has accompanied me even until I reached adulthood. I still remember how determined I was to watch every episode of the Uncanny X-Men TV series every week without preparing my homework, but I didn’t care at all. You see, missing an episode was declared to be the right way to break my heart.

Fortunately today, there are DVD copies of X-Men’s TV series in full story! Plus the X-Men Trilogy which was one of the best films I’ve ever seen. And actually I’m still hoping and begging for a part 4. Chances are, X-Men fanatics will resurface again!

One thing I love about the X-Men is their hi-tech gadgets and, of course, their unique mutant powers and the hot vehicles. Speaking of cool gadgets and vehicles, I do now remember the cool ones I noticed during my whole X-Men stint – from Charles Xavier’s wheel chair to Cyclops’s Oakley shades and to the Cerebro which is the dependable Black Bird. I firmly believe that the latter is the greatest creation of the X-Men.

It has been a part of the X-Men family for over the years that it has started a revolution of its own. The Black Bird is known for its fast body parts that can provide a supersonic speed and I mean the quickest acceleration you could ever imagine. It can take-off from land vertically, thanks to its special ignition parts and turbocharged propellers.

The Black Bird has been improvised and fixed a lot of times from their numerous adventures and battle encounters with villain mutants. Although the Black Bird is a fictional object, it isn’t that far from reality because the present technology we have today seems to be always one step ahead and they are coming to be more advanced each day.

Anything is possible right now and car makers can now also produce a real prototype of the Black Bird like in the X-Men movies. But the problem is how can engineers mount special weapons and achieve the fast as lightning top speed? And how will they apply the best feature of this plane – the camouflage! I think they need some mutant powers to make this happen.

Anyway, it’s just my wild imagination, and the only thing I want to tell everyone is that, X-Men rules and the Black Bird rocks! I wish to be a part of the X-Men team and operate the Black Bird with Storm! Cool! In my dreams!


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