London’s Black Cabs to Vanish Soon?

Is this the end of the icon? There has been speculation that tells that the iconic black cabs will soon vanish from the streets of London. Now how true is this? Does this mean we will never see and ride on those exciting Black cabs again?

All the Kiwi tourists and visitors have experienced how clean, comfortable and roomy these Black cabs are which are propelled by a driver who exactly knows where he is going. But I guess this is not taking much longer. As you can remember, the iconic red telephone booth in London is slowly vanishing and now the Black cabs? What would soon be left of the icons of London?

According to the makers of Black cabs, London Taxis International, the new car law may be the reason why it will be out of the street soon. The London is setting stricter regulations on emission concerns. This is maybe the reason of the future death of these Black cabs.

However, because of the emission regulation demand, the car company is developing a hybrid technology on its new cars. It will be filled with upgraded car parts like those catalytic converters to have that cleaner emission and to meet the demands of the green law. But without the support from the government, the new idea will not be successful. And the fact that Europe is into large vehicles which require a high level of emissions, this can be difficult to attain.

According to Matthew Cheney, the LTI sales and marketing director, “We do not want to be alarmist in talking about the death of the London taxi, but it is becoming more and more difficult. Measures such as the derogation (on heavy vehicles) help us stay alive but if they are taken away you could see us go. Without LTI vehicles … Britain will lose its purpose-built taxi market.”


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