Black Beauty: The Biography of a Horse

Black Beauty

I was at the public library looking for some books about automotives because, you know, I wanted to research about the methods on how to change my car’s catalytic converter in my car. I haven’t browsed the net because there was no connection at that time. Anyway, when I was lurking around the halls, I came across the literature section of the library. I searched for something interesting from that corner and I found Black Beauty.

“I’ve read this book!” I said to myself. I used to have a copy of it back in my grade school years. Then I found myself reading the book again!

Who could ever forget the story of Black Beauty? This very touching story was written by Anna Sewell. This was her first published novel and her first, only, and last work as a writer. This is because she was confined at her home as a disabled person.

By the years 1871 and 1877, she worked on this book and completed the story before she finally rested in peace. November 24, 1987 was the date of the first release of her book. Eventually, after five months, her book then became a best-seller! Imagine how many people were touched and did relate to the story, because in my case, I almost ended up sobbing.

Anyway, the story is about the life and experiences of Black Beauty, a highbred horse which he personally narrates the story as the first person, or should I say “first horse”. Hehe.

His colorful life was told on the story, starting with his tender childhood years in the farm, his experiences on London when he was a horse cab, when he gets to meet kind and cruel people, the hardships he has gone through and all the significant events that happen during a horse’s life. The moral of the story tells us “humans”, on how to treat horses with sympathy, kindness, understanding and love.

Indeed a touching and educational story for all of us. The story won’t be completed without the characters that played a big role and made a significance part in the story. Let’s get to know them one by one if you’re not totally aware of this story.



  • Black Beauty/Black Auster/Jack/Darkie – The storyteller of the story who got his name because of his dark fur. He would always do his best so that he can to serve humans in any way and in under any situation.
  • Duchess/Pet – she is Beauty’s mom who always gives motivation to Beauty to be good horse straight right from his childhood years.
  • Rob Roy – Beauty’s fellow black horse from his original farm
  • Ginger – She was named this way because she “bites”. Ginger has grown up more aggressive than others because of an experience that caused her trauma.
  • Merrylegs – A cute and handsome little pony who is always polite to horses and humans.
  • Sir Oliver – A horse with his tail slashed-off due to fashion cause that gave him discomforts and annoyance.
  • Peggy – A cab horse who runs very slow because of her short legs.
  • Captain – An ex-army horse who have faced terrible treatments and events at the same time because he was used for battle.
  • Beauty’s owners:

  • Farmer Grey – the first owner of Beauty
  • Squire Gordon – Birtwick Park’s owner, a excellent rider, and a person over John, James, and Joe.
  • John Manly – A nice coachman who cares for his horses with fine nurturing and respect.
  • James Howard – a stable boy under John’s management.
  • Joe Green – less experienced and younger stable boy.
  • Earl of W – A nameless Lord who exploits Beauty and made him into a carriage horse.
  • Reuben Smith – A charming and good-looking man who fell apart because of being an alcoholic.
  • Mr. Barry – A man who’s willing to treat all horses well, but comes short when matters turn to awareness on horse care.
  • Filcher – A food thief from the stable and the horse groom of Barry.
  • Jerry – A kind-hearted owner who benefited from Beauty’s services as a cab horse.
  • Jakes – he is the owner who forces Beauty to lug tons of loads.
  • Nicholas Skinner – A cruel cab horse driver who mistreated horses by wearing them out all through the days work.
  • Farmer Throughgood – A concerned owner who nurses Beauty when he gets weak
  • If I were you, find a copy of this great story and share it with your friends or family. I bet you’ll like it and I’m sure you will! And who knows, we could all be animal-lovers after reading this book by the great Anna Sewell.


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