The Very Limited Edition Ferrari 612 Sessanta… in Black


The Italian automaker Ferrari will be celebrating its 60th anniversary in producing super cars. In connection with this, the company will release 60 very limited edition units of the 612 Sessanta (sessanta means sixty in Italian) to roll out in exclusive dealerships all over Europe.
According to Ferrari, the 612 Sessanta is based on the 612 Scaglietti, which was unveiled at the 2007 Geneva International Motor Show.

The car comes in exclusive black exterior color with special color1 of underbody black in technical black. Other exterior highlights of the Ferrari 612 Sessanta include:

* Electro-chromic panoramic roof panel with three transparency positions
* New monolithic and forged 19”/19” wheel rims
* Specific wheel cups
* Radiator grill with specific painted frame
* Chromium-plated rear grids with black chromed special exhaust pipes
* “612 Sessanta” emblem on front fender

On the inside, the Ferrari 612 Sessanta comes in two interior trims for the customers to choose from. The New Natural leather, “Terra Bruciata” colored trim consists of
Marrone carpets, Interior details in Grigio Scuro (dash cross member, door panel details, tunnel plate), black seat belts, terra Bruciata colour for steering wheel, dashboard, rear shell, and upper interior part.

Meanwhile, the New Natural leather Charcoal colored interior trim comes with Grigio Scuro carpets, interior details in Rubino Micalizzato (dash cross member, door panel details, tunnel plate), grigio seat belts, charcoal colour for steering wheel, dashboard, rear shell, and upper interior part.

Check out the interior highlights of the Ferrai 612 Sessanta below:

* Steering wheel with three-position Manettino and Engine Start button
* Exclusive upholstery style for seats, door panels and rear sides
* Specific central tunnel upholstered and fully equipped, with 2 cup-holding compartments and rear handles
* Four pockets on door panels, two of them closed
* Specially-styled instrument cluster
* Unique plate celebrating the 60-year anniversary on F1 gearbox plate
* Leather upholstered and equipped boot

Moreover, this exclusive and limited edition super car comes with CCM braking system with black calipers, Bose Media System, Rear Parking Camera, TV Tuner, and Cruise Control. Unfortunately, Ferrari did not release the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for this vehicle.


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