New Scientific Study Found Hidden Black Holes

Ker Than of created an article about a phenomenon called active galactic nuclei (AGN). According to Than, AGN have have active supermassive black holes at their cores that illuminates by emitting powerful beams of radiation.

These black holes are hidden because of thick walls of dust and gas, according to a new astronomical study. In this type of hidden AGN, the central black hole is so “heavily shrouded by gas and dust that no visible light escapes. As a result, these galaxies are difficult to detect and were missed by previous AGN surveys.” according to Than.

Jack Tueller, the head of research from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland said:
“This is an important discovery because it will help us better understand why some supermassive black holes shine and others don’t.”

Tueller added: “These are the same energies as the X-rays used in the doctor’s office. They’re very penetrating. They can go through the human body. They can go through that accreting torus of matter.”

Tueller concluded: “We think these black holes have played a crucial role in controlling the formation of galaxies, and they control the flow of matter into star clusters. You can’t understand the universe without understanding giant black holes and what they’re doing.

What’s the importance of this study? Well, Tueller said the study plays a significant role in the evolution of galaxies. This will also help every individual to understand the universe. Anyway, I got to go first ands look for some Honda brake pad on the web for my car. Ciao!


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