The Black Wire – Slashed!

British indie rock (we call it alternative rock in the U.S.) band Black Wire has recently disbanded because of some freaky reasons. The band members, Daniel Wilson (vocals), Si McCabe (guitars, backing vocals, and other noise), Tom Greatorex (bass), and Danny Prescott (drums) said that the band split was due to some intrigues in the music industry.

The band was formed in 2003 and had only one self titled studio album released in 2005. “Attack! Attack! Attack!” and “Smoke & Mirrors” are one of my fave tracks in this album.

Anyway, bassist Tom Greatorex told NME (New Musical Express), one of the leading music publications in the UK about the band’s split up. He said:

“I’m sat here trying to comprehend writing an obituary for the single most beloved thing in my life and for every emotion that may be coursing through my veins I can’t find a single word, mumble, utterance or sob that conveys how I feel while I’m up these walls and down this well.

“There are no smart words, picturesque analogies or romantic ramblings that can replace or cover up pure heart felt emotion, and so the simple, the most direct, honest and throat choked way I can say what I want is this…I am empty and heartbroken that Black Wire have had to disband. I’m angry and upset but not at anyone.”

He added: “I advise anyone starting a band to stick every finger, toe and tongue up to the grinding rusty cogs of mindlessness.”

Whew! You can feel how much Greatorex is disappointed with the disbandment. Anyway, I hope the band can continue their music career anytime soon. Well, its time for me to browse some auto parts upgrade (GMC bed rail) on the web.


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