Black Lips Rocks Brooklyn

Atlanta-based alternative rock band Black Lips painted the town red when the band came to Brooklyn, New York in a Black (Lips) Parade (Ooops.. not the My Chemical Romance song). Dubbed as the “Black Lips Circus and Bad Kids’ Parade”, the band set themselves up to the center ring of the parade with a marching band, and played some of their songs while heading to the concert venue.

The band is known for doing weird stuff on stage and displaying unpleasant behaviors while performing. The “Black Lips Circus and Bad Kids’ Parade” is one of the band’s weird stuffs. In an interview with MTV News, band singer and guitarist Cole Alexander said: “It’s always kind of a circus mentality of people being degenerates at our shows, so we decided to take it to the next level by inviting kids — not even at a show — to parade down the streets. We embody bad kids, and that’s why we created the Bad Kids Circus, to parade down the streets, promoting juvenile delinquent behavior.”

Bassist Jared Swilley also commented: “We wanted to spice things up a little. It was kind of thrown together last minute, though and that much was apparent. The circus part of the night was a tad bumpy due to a bunch of last-minute cancellations (including jugglers, ponies and a couple of other circus acts), but the band’s acoustic set went ahead with burlesque dancers and a marching band that led the crowd into the streets for the second portion of the night, the “Bad Kids’ Parade.”

The “Black Lips Circus and Bad Kids’ Parade” arrived in the concert venue with over 200 participants dressed up in costumes. There are also confetti launchers, fire-breathers, and the band members skateboarding.

Later in that night, the band went on the stage at Music Hall of Williamsburg and performed their hits while the messy crowd throw their heads off. Anyway, it was a good and proper show after all.

These guys really rock! \m/

I got to go now and look for some replacement Dodge AC condensers on the web. Chill out!


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