Disney Doesn’t Want Metal Shows

Now I’m starting to hate Disney! Why? Then read this out!

Disney has recently cancelled the metal concerts that were supposed to be held on its theme parks in California and Florida at the House of Blues. Called the Viva La Bands 2007 North American tour, the concert was sponsored by MTV’s Bam Margera and Rockstar Energy Drinks.

Disney said the main reason for canceling the concert is that the metal bands that will be performing shows extreme behaviors and violent lyrics that are inappropriate for the family-oriented theme park. Among the metal bands that were supposed to perform in Disney include Cannibal Corpse, Machine Head, GWAR, and Cradle of Filth, just to name the few.

Dani Filth vocalist of the black metal band Cradle of Filth’s commented about Disney’s cancellation of the concert:

“We’ve already played there three times in the past, so I’m guessing that the added antics of Bam and the barbarian grossness of GWAR to the unholy brew has warranted only further worry for the corporation. Lucky then that our ‘Jesus Is A C**t’ t-shirts are inappropriate everywhere!”

He added: “Anyway, if Disney didn’t want to see hordes of black-clad figures lurking around their jaded kingdom then they should’ve thought twice about creating characters like Cruella DeVille and Maleficent in the first place. The main difference being that this tour is no fairytale and that we’re the real f***ing deal!”

I think Dani Filth is right. Disney shouldn’t have created devilish characters if they wanted a wholesome image. Anyway, Bam Margera should find another venue for the concert tour. Let’s forget about those bunch of losers (Disney officials! Who else?) who cancelled the event.

I got to upgrade my Volvo transmission mount while waiting for this metal concert tour.


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