Real Designers Wear Black Says Von Holzhausen

What is the dominant color that designers wear? A renowned designer said it’s black.
Many designers were on hand at the opening of the NAIAS to tackle their craft at a forum. Though they were from a range of automakers and different kinds of custom companies, a trend emerged: Nearly all designers wear black, reported MLive.
The common color is black. Black shirts and jackets are said to be the unofficial uniform of the said motor show. Actually, you can hardly see ties but jeans were ordinary.
Designers wear black as an identity,” said Franz von Holzhausen, director of design for Mazda’s North American operations. He is the man behind the catchy Furai. Furai, which is a Japanese word for ‘sound of the wind,’ is the latest vehicle in Mazda’s concept cars.
“Anticipating future rules changes in the ALMS, we created a new closed cockpit which would be more appropriate for a future production model,” said von Holzhausen at the NAIAS. “The major element we did not change is the 450-horsepower RENESIS-based R20B 3-rotor rotary engine that provides the Furai’s ample Zoom-Zoom. The ultimate Mazda in our minds is rotary powered; as a company, we have no intention of abandoning that valuable asset. When people think of the very best production sports cars in the world, the rotary powered Mazda RX-7 is always on that list.”
“One thing we learned from CFD studies is that we don’t need much rear wing to balance the down force created by the front splitter and the Nagare features we’ve sculpted into the body,” said von Holzhausen in an interview with
“Combustion air is provided by a variation of the Turbo Tongue device that Swift developed for Indy car use a decade ago. It rises slightly higher than the surrounding roof surface to ingest clean air above the boundary layer. Our final design works so well that we applied for a joint patent with Swift. Of course, it helps that it’s a real piece of art, too, and one we had to incorporate into the design,” he concluded.

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