Verdict On Black Cars

The NAIAS is known to be the haven for automakers unveiling their newest creations. At the said event, concept cars and production cars were flaunted and it is hard not to find some automaker going with the black look.Some of the vehicles finished in black were highlighted recently in a report by Steve Purdy and Thom Cannell. The two members of The Auto Channel Detroit Bureau shared their thoughts about these cars in black.

First off is the all new Passat CC from Volkswagen. According to Steve Purdy: “At Volkswagen most of us were stunned by the new Passat CC 4-door coupe, expected to be in production later this year. The styling is right out of the Mercedes CLK book with swooping character lines rising toward the rear then falling off into a tapered tail. Power comes from any one of two turbo-diesels or three direct injection gasoline engines. Both inside and out it looks to be a full measure upscale from the present Passat but the price is projected to be just a few grand more.”

As for the Lincoln MKS, Thom Cannell said: “MKS is a decidedly stylish car and possess a tasty intro-luxury interior. It needs, however, an even more upscale interior to be sold as a luxury contender. Or so said a dealer from Illinois who also sells Korean cars that offer apparently similar interior features for much less.”

We have American and European cars now reviewed by the two. It’s time to look at Asian vehicles and they picked the Hyundai Genesis concept. “The big news from the Koreans is the introduction of the Hyundai flagship sedan called Genesis featuring rear-wheel drive, a 4.6-liter, 369-hp V8, 6-speed ZF transmission, sophisticated suspension and surprisingly luxurious trim,” said Purdy.


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